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About Kleenkit

we believe that cleaning should be an effortless, efficient, and enjoyable experience. We're passionate about providing innovative cleaning solutions that simplify your life and elevate your living spaces. With our cutting-edge mini mop, we're reshaping the way you think about clean.

Mini Portable Mop

Say hello to a revolution in cleaning! Our Mini Portable Mop redefines convenience and efficiency, making cleaning an absolute joy. Experience the future of clean with this innovative, compact wonder.

Effortless Cleaning

Experience the power of clean like never before. Whether it's spills in the kitchen, muddy footprints in the hallway, or dust lurking in your corners, this mop is your cleaning superhero, ready to spring into action at your command

Mighty Cleaning, Minimal Work

Small but mighty, this mini mop is your cleaning powerhouse. Its high-speed oscillating head effortlessly banishes dirt and grime, leaving behind nothing but sparkling, spotless floors. Get ready to be amazed at its lightning-fast efficiency.